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A medical home is a trusting partnership between you, your child, and your pediatric primary health care team.


Tools for Coordinating Your Child’s Health Care



Medical Home

A medical home means that your health care team:

  • Knows your child's health history.
  • Listens to your concerns and needs (as well as your child's).
  • Treats your child with compassion.
  • Has an understanding of their strengths.
  • Develops a care plan with you and your child when needed.
  • Respects and honors your culture and traditions.

Your health care team can help you and your child access and coordinate specialty care, other health care and educational services, in and out of home care, family support, and other public/private community services that are important to the overall well-being of you and your child.

  • Well-Visit Planner: This guide helps you identify important topics you may want to discuss with your physician.
  • The Wisconsin Medical Home Initiative is dedicated to promoting the concepts of medical home for primary care clinicians, families and service providers throughout Wisconsin.
  • Care Notebook is a tool to help organize information about your child’s medical needs to share with doctors, schools, and child care staff.    Care Notebook Resources
  • Resident Host Program: First year medical residents meet with staff from the regional center for an extensive in-service about children and youth with special health care needs and how to support them. Second year residents are asked to spend time directly with a child with a special health care need and their family. This opportunity will allow residents to gain greater insight into the life of children with special health care needs, as well as develop an understanding of parenting a child with those needs. We are in need of parents, along with their child with special health care needs, who would be willing to meet with a resident. For more information contact the regional center.

Please ask your child’s doctor or contact the regional center at 877-568-5205 if you have any questions about the medical home concept or are unsure which doctor or health system is your child’s medical home.

Children's Resource Center- Northeast at 920-969-5325, or 877-568-5205

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