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For more information regarding family leadership, please contact the regional center at 877-568-5205.







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Family Leadership Opportunities

Family Advisory Committee

The Family Advisory Committee is a multidisciplinary committee consisting of hospital as well as family representatives that serve as an advisory resource to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Fox Valley. The mission of the FAC is to promote and support family-centered values throughout Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The FAC strives to promote respectful, effective partnerships among families, professionals and the community that lead to increased understanding and cooperation between families and professionals and ultimately increased patient/family satisfaction.

Family Partners Program

The family perspective in healthcare is vital to patient safety and quality improvement. Through the Family Partners Program, families may participate on committees, focus groups, as speakers or reviewers of program material and more. The goal is to incorporate family input, based on their experiences, into program design, quality improvement initiatives, policy reviews and other activities that impact patients and families.

Getting families involved in the healthcare decision-making process benefits everyone. Some suggestions have helped the hospital save money and improved patient satisfaction. Families benefit from their participation since it provides an opportunity to give back and help make meaningful change.

If interested in becoming involved in a Family Advisory Committee or in the Family Partners Program, contact the regional center at:  877-568-5205

Family Action Network

The Family Action Network (FAN) is a listserv connecting families who have children with special health care needs to issues of interest. Through FAN, parents can learn about advocacy, training and leadership opportunities and become informed about policy and legislative changes that may impact their children and families.

You can join the Family Action Network Listserv by sending an email to:


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