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School and Special Education



If you have questions about your child’s school services or special education; please call the regional center at 877-568-5205 or contact one of these organizations for more information.








School and Special Education

  • CESAs (Cooperative Educational Service Agencies) serve educational needs in all areas of Wisconsin by serving as a link between school districts and between school districts and the state. CESAs provide education and training for parents and professionals related to education and advocacy.  They may also facilitate communication and cooperation among all public and private schools, agencies, and organizations that provide services to students in the state.
  • WI FACETS (Family Assistance Center for Education, Transition, & Support) provides parents with information, educational sessions and connection to support groups.
  • WSPEI (Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative) connects Wisconsin families with information from other parents, schools, organizations and agencies to enhance child learning for students with disabilities.
  • WSEMS (Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System) provides mediators free-of-charge to help parents and school districts to resolve disputes regarding special education.
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is a state agency that advances public education in Wisconsin.

For more information about what you can expect after your child leaves the education system, please check the Transitions page.

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