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Tracey – Program Administrator

TraceyTracey Ratzburg, CSW, M. Ed, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Carroll College in Waukesha, WI and her Masters degree in Education from Concordia University in Mequon. Tracey has a passion for working with children, youth and families, educating and empowering them. She has experience working with at risk children and children with special needs in education, adoption/foster care and childcare. She has spent her career so far working in non-profits exclusively.

Kara– Information & Referral Specialist

KaraKara Van Vooren, CIRS, serves as an Information and Resource Specialist. She previously worked at WIFACETS, Fox Valley Center, where she served as the northeast center coordinator for six years. She brings a variety of experiences in education issues, collaborative problem solving, team building and family involvement. Kara is excited to continue working with families and young adults to answer questions and provide support as needed.

Lawren– Information & Referral Specialist

KaraLawren serves as an Information and Referral Specialist. Previously working for an autism ABA provider, Lawren brings over four years of experience in working with families who have children with an autism spectrum disorder, and other special healthcare needs. This included guiding families to resources in the community, acting as a resource for education issues, and helping families to advocate for their children. Lawren’s passion for empowering and assisting families who have children with special healthcare needs began when her own son was born with a cleft lip and later diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and ADHD. Lawren is driven to continue her passion of working with families by providing support, and giving them the tools to feel empowered on their journey.

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